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Vacuum Therapy FAQ

Do I need a prescription for a Vacuum Therapy System?

No. After passing strict FDA safety standards, Rejoyn Vacuum Therapy Systems are available without a prescription or doctor visit.

If I have tried Viagra or injection therapy and they haven't work, will vacuum therapy work for me?

Yes. Vacuum therapy can work for you. Many prescription ED medications produce severe side effects and create only semi-rigid erections that are not firm enough for intercourse. Vacuum therapy can be used instead of or in conjunction with ED medications to help create and maintain erections.

Is vacuum therapy painful?

When used correctly, vacuum therapy produces no pain. Rejoyn products are FDA-approved medical grade systems designed with the user’s comfort and safety in mind. Each system has a built-in safety valve that prevents too much pressure from being created. 

Will vacuum therapy work for me if I am a diabetic?

ED is very common among men who are diabetic – up to 66% of men with diabetes experience some form of ED. Vacuum therapy is a safe and excellent treatment option, especially since prescription medications for ED have been shown to be less effective for men with diabetes.

Can vacuum therapy really help me after prostate surgery?

Many medical studies show vacuum therapy to be an effective component of post-surgical rehabilitation. Vacuum systems can draw healing, oxygenated blood to the pelvic regions to help damaged tissue heal more quickly. The use of vacuum therapy may help prevent penile shrinkage after surgery as well. 

Can I use vacuum therapy with other ED treatments?

Yes, some doctors will recommend vacuum therapy in conjunction with other ED medications. If you have been taking ED medications without achieving the erections you desire, vacuum therapy can help. 

Do Rejoyn Vacuum Therapy Systems come with a guarantee?

Rejoyn Medical believes in the effectiveness of our Vacuum Therapy Systems. We offer all customers a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee on full Vacuum Therapy Systems if they are not satisfied.

Rejoyn has a full line of vacuum therapy systems that will provide immediate and fulfilling results. Shop now.

 vacuum therapy FAQ

Your therapy has turned out to be a true blessing. My wife and I have been more than surprised and grateful for your remedy for solving a serious problem. 

- R. Martin, Iowa