Rejoyn Medical unveils its next-generation vacuum therapy system — meet Spartan


Whether you’re curious about Vacuum Therapy as a natural and reliable ED solution, or you’ve already experienced firm results with no waiting or side effects, Rejoyn is thrilled to reveal what we’ve been working on behind the scenes!

Meet The Spartan System, Rejoyn’s first new, exciting product line in over 10 years.

Why new, and why now?

For years, Rejoyn has focused on helping men find natural, effective solutions for erectile dysfunction. Until now, that has meant connecting you with the power of the Pos-T Vac penis pump system.

But Rejoyn’s story  — and the Pos-T-Vac system — began decades ago, back in the 1980s. Recently, the team noticed the potential for improvement in our proven line of systems. As a leading international distributor of solutions for erectile dysfunction, we knew it was time for a 2.0 system that incorporates recent medical technology.

The Spartan Story

Dr Kambiz TajkarimiThe Spartan System was designed by Dr. Kambiz Tajkarimi (Dr. Taj), a board-certified urologist who has witnessed countless times the failures of ED medications. He was also dissatisfied with most vacuum therapy systems on the market. So he sought to design a cutting-edge, medical-grade product that was equally safe, comfortable, and effective. The Spartan System was born.

When Dr. Taj first shared The Spartan System with Rejoyn, we were astonished by the quality and design. This device encompasses state-of-the-art design and technology features that will truly provide men with rock-hard results. The cherry on top? Units are ergonomic—satisfyingly robust and easy to hold.

The Spartan is already heads and shoulders above previous vacuum therapy systems, but the manufacturer’s commitment to quality is what ultimately convinced Rejoyn to make the switch for you.

Spartan Systems are backed by 

  • 3-year manufacturer warranty against defects
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Free, live video support with Rejoyn’s urologist medical advisor to help you take your vacuum system results to the next level, whether for ED or rehab.

Rejoyn is excited to offer men next-generation results-focused, risk-free systems paired with this unparalleled customer support. 

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Unparalleled Equipment for Your Sex Life, 2.0

Over the years, millions of men around the world have reclaimed the lives they love with Rejoyn’s support and products. With The Spartan System, men affected by ED—and their partners—can expect to feel performance and confidence pumped up to the next level.

Rejoyn is most excited about the detail and intention behind every single component in The Spartan System. Innovative improvements include:

  • Better comfort and control. The Spartan includes a textured, oversized pump head and rubberized on/off switch for better grip. 
  • A reimagined vacuum cylinder. This component now includes a simple, easy-to-clean safety release valve.
  • Streamlined loading cone. A low profile and smooth surface allow for effortless ring loading.
  • Fortified support rings. The Spartan System’s rings are specially designed to give you a reliable, rock-hard erection. The beefed-up design of the center ring ensures consistent tension.
  • Redesigned handles. Looped handles are larger than any other rings on the market, helping you easily apply and remove the equipment.

Our Guarantee

The biggest reason we back Vacuum Therapy as the best choice for ED treatment? It works. Vacuum Therapy also offers convenience and value for years to come. Once you’ve committed to a vacuum system, you will only need to reorder support rings and lubricant

It has always been Rejoyn’s promise to offer the highest quality products for our customers. We are happy to answer your questions and assist you through the warranty process. Remember, this results-focused, risk-free system also includes the highest level of product support possible: live, virtual consultations with a urologist.  

If you’re new to Vacuum Therapy Systems, check out our guide to using a penis pump for more confidence and comfort moving forward.

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