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Rejoyn Medical Systems

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Rejoyn Medical Systems: Brand Timeline


Ed Stewart Sr., owner of a plumbing, heating and air conditioning business, gets the then-revolutionary treatment of penile implants to treat his erectile dysfunction.

He wonders if there’s a better way and starts designing a vacuum-powered therapy device that’s more manual and less invasive than implants.


After perfecting his device, Ed Sr. starts the Pos-T-Vac company to begin  manufacturing and selling the device to the public.

His twin sons, Ed. Jr. and Fred, take over the plumbing, heating and air conditioning business so he can focus on his new company.


Ed Sr. attends the American Urological Association meeting and gets buy-in from physicians for his device, which is key because the newly won FDA approval requires that consumers get a prescription. Medicare approves reimbursement.

Ed Sr. describes his ambitious plans to Ed Jr., who has just one response: “You’re crazy.” He eventually is won over and helps with Pos-T-Vac marketing.


A new blockbuster prescription drug hits the market that turns impotence into erectile dysfunction and sparks a new national conversation about men’s sexual health.

At the same time, the FDA allows Vacuum Therapy Systems to be sold without a prescription, further expanding the market.

Early 2000s:

As the stigma of ED continues to fade, more medical professionals and consumers realize that the new blockbuster drug won’t work for everyone, and they turn to Pos-T-Vac and Vacuum Therapy as an enduring and effective natural alternative.


Rejoyn Medical is established to sell vacuum therapy devices directly to consumers who are unwilling or unable to get a prescription. With Michele Stewart as president, the third generation of the Stewart family enters the business.


Rejoyn Medical establishes itself as the premier online retailer for vacuum therapy devices.


Citing budgetary concerns, Medicare withdraws reimbursement for all forms of ED treatment, including Vacuum Therapy Systems.


Rejoyn Medical continues the life-changing legacy of Ed Stewart Sr. by educating and empowering men to take control of their sexual health through a web presence that’s a gold standard in the industry.  Rejoyn Medical is committed to the mission of helping men and their partners embrace Vacuum Therapy as the top ED treatment option.  We strive to provide a natural and effective approach to sexual health.

 My husband and I knew there was a problem but neither of us wanted to confront it. We saw our marriage falling apart. One of my friends told me about this pump and we decided to try it. We were very impressed with how quickly we saw results. The best thing about it is that we were able to save our marriage and enjoy every part of our lives together. 

- Mrs. J. Brown, North Carolina