It’s a goal of most men: Be “Good in bed.” Satisfy your partner, and be able to “go the distance”
without fear of not keeping your erection or ejaculating too soon.

It’s common to want to get it up – and keep it up – as long as you can, and as long as your
partner wants you to. Fortunately, there are ways to stay rigid and slow down ejaculation to keep
you in the game longer. Here, we look at the many natural ways you can take back control. 

First off: Is it premature ejaculation?

Just because you want to last longer in bed and be at your sexual best doesn’t necessarily mean you’re experiencing premature ejaculation.

So, when we talk about premature ejaculation, what exactly does that mean? Is it ejaculating too soon for your partner, or just sooner than expected?




Sources indicate that while estimates vary, premature ejaculation affects as many as 1 out of 3 men at some point in their lives. It is defined as the inability to delay ejaculation for more than one minute after penetration. While it can happen during intercourse, the problem might also occur during masturbation as well.


The Mayo Clinic further outlines two types of premature ejaculation:

  • Primary or lifelong, in which premature ejaculation is experienced every time or nearly every time since your first sexual encounter, and
  • Secondary or acquired, in which premature ejaculation develops essentially out of nowhere, after you’ve had previous sexual experiences without any ejaculatory issues.

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Why does it happen?

Experts say premature ejaculation can be caused by a variety of reasons. Many of them are psychological. It can be brought on as a result of early sexual experiences or sexual abuse. Other times, it can be caused by depression, poor body image, or guilt. Sometimes simply worrying about ejaculating early can make you ejaculate early.


Relationship issues can also play a role. Poor communication, resentment, and anger at your partner can contribute to less than satisfying sexual relations. Biological factors can contribute as well, including abnormal hormone levels or levels of brain chemicals, or inflammation and infection of the prostate or urethra.


Experiencing erectile dysfunction can also put men at greater risk for premature ejaculation. Your mind could be so wrapped up in whether you can get and keep an erection that you may try to rush things. Sex has a huge mental component, and the stress of not being able to perform can make you actually perform faster.


It can be helpful to first determine the cause and extent of your premature ejaculation by seeing your doctor. He or she can do a thorough medical examination and make sure there are no other issues contributing to your situation. If you’re experiencing premature ejaculation as well as erectile dysfunction, your doctor may run other tests and check your testosterone levels.



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What you can do

Regardless of the reasons, premature ejaculation can have a huge impact on your confidence and your relationship. And while it is common and curable, it’s not a fun subject most men want to jump into.


But it’s important to keep in mind that you may not officially be experiencing premature ejaculation.


Regardless, there are several natural things you can do to last longer in bed and feel better about your performance.


Tackle anxiety.

Remember, premature ejaculation can be caused by a number of psychological reasons – anxiety, stress, or even guilt over past sexual encounters. This could be related to work, health, family, or life demands. It can also stem from relationship issues that are spilling over into the bedroom. Based on this, take a moment to sit back and take an honest look at what’s causing stress. From there, take active steps to eliminate it. This could require counseling, behavioral therapy, medication, or better incorporating hobbies or exercise into your life.


Lifestyle changes.

In addition to controlling stress and promoting relaxation, sources indicate quitting or cutting down on alcohol and drug use can also help. Exercising, quitting smoking, dropping excess weight, and eating healthy are also natural solutions to erectile dysfunction, which can lead to premature ejaculation.



Another solution you may not think of right away is yoga. Researchers have found that yoga poses that promote relaxation and strengthen the pelvic muscles are beneficial for treating premature ejaculation. One study found that one hour of yoga a day for 12 weeks increased the duration of sex from 33 seconds to one minute and 52 seconds.


Remember the 3 Cs.

The three Cs are: Control, communication, and condoms. To last longer in bed, you can experiment with controlling the sensations that lead to ejaculation: Change your position, slow down, or focus on a distracting thought at that pivotal time. Change location, or switch to oral sex. Mixing things up as you go can keep things going.

Another C: Communicate. Ask your partner to stop stimulation or to hold back temporarily. Finally: The faithful condom. This tool can do more than prevent disease or pregnancy. It can reduce friction and sensations in your penis, and lessen your desire to ejaculate. There are also condoms that are made of thicker latex or that come with numbing agents such as benzocaine and lidocaine, which can also help delay climax.


Do penis exercises.

It’s been found that strengthening your pelvic floor can also go far in increasing your control and helping you delay ejaculation. This can involve doing penis exercises for men that can promote sexual health and help you lead a full and satisfying sex life.

One effective penis exercise is the Kegel. Many people think this exercise is only for women, but it’s beneficial for men as well. Doing a Kegel involves squeezing and holding your pelvic floor muscles as if you were cutting off the flow of urine mid-stream. Holding and releasing this contraction – 10 reps three times a day – can increase your strength down there and be key to how to last longer in bed.

Kegel exercises can be done laying down or standing; and can be performed discretely, while you’re in meetings, driving, or watching TV. Because the trick is to do them regularly there are resources to help. For example, Rejoyn Medical offers Private Gym Fitness Programs, which include targeted exercise regimens developed by leading urologists, physiologists, and sexual health experts.

These resources act as “personal trainers” for your pelvic muscles and penis, through both a Basic Training Program and a Complete Training Program. The Complete Training Program comes with training videos and resource guide of the Basic Training Program, along with an adjustable weighted penis exercise ring for special weight-resistant exercises.

By doing these penis exercises, users learn to isolate and build the pelvic muscles and develop greater strength over time. Users have reported marked results with less than 10 minutes of training three to four days a week.



Another tactic can be done during intercourse at the point things are progressing quickly. As you feel yourself heating up, stop and squeeze your penis right below the head. Use your thumb and forefinger to apply firm pressure on the urethra. This is said to push blood out of the penis, decrease sexual tension and repress the ejaculatory response.

It also teaches the body to not ejaculate at the exact moment it wants to. After you squeeze, then wait until the desire to ejaculate passes. Then resume activity for 30 seconds, pull out, and repeat the squeeze. After a while, your ability to control the ejaculation increases and the squeeze can be omitted.



There are also anesthetic creams and sprays that can be used to treat premature ejaculation. These are applied to the penis 10 to 15 minutes before having sex and act as numbing agents to reduce sensations.

Sources indicate there are also medications that are not specifically designed to treat premature ejaculation but have the effect of delaying orgasms. These include antidepressants, analgesics, and medications that are actually designed for erectile dysfunction, including Viagra and Cialis. 




Try a penis ring.

Another tactic is to use an accessory to make the erection last longer. A penis ring is a circular device made of metal, acrylic, rubber or other material that is placed around the base of the penis after the erection is achieved or when you’re first becoming aroused.


Once the penis is erect, the band immediately gives the sensation of tightening. This tightening constricts the blood in the penis, preventing any outflow of blood and thus holding the erection in place.  


Aside from making your erections last longer, the ring can create new sensations in those erections. And when you are ready to release, the ring can make orgasms and ejaculation more intense.  


In addition, penis rings give you the freedom and excitement of experimenting. Penis rings come in a variety of sizes and materials. Some are designed to encircle just the penis, while others are “double ringed” to encircle the testicles as well. These ones can further delay orgasm by holding the testicles away from the body and thereby preventing them from pulling up, as they do during ejaculation.  


There are also rings that have attachments or features that stimulate – or even vibrate – your partner while you’re having sex. This not only makes the sex last longer, it also creates added pleasure by improving your performance in the bedroom. 


A penis ring with or without a pump.

While penis rings can be used on their own to improve your sex life, they are also a key component of a penis pump or vacuum therapy device, which can be an integral tool in achieving that initial erection.


The pump works by placing an acrylic cylinder over the penis. One end is held secure to the base of the penis, while the other end is attached to a manual- or battery-operated pump. The pump creates a vacuum suction that draws blood into the penis. At that point, the penis ring is slid from the penile tube and placed around the base of the penis, and the penis pump is removed.  



Penis pumps create immediate results, without needing to visit the doctor, get any type of diagnosis, or fill a prescription. They also add temporary length and girth to your erection, which can increase confidence and excitement.  It’s important to recognize that penis pumps are not just used by men when they are having difficulty getting erections. They’re also used as a form of adult entertainment or sex “toy.”


While pumps can be used for function or fun, it is still imperative to use a recommended, FDA-approved device. Quality pumps will feature safety release valves so that they do not cause penile injury. Learn more here about what to look for in a quality pump. 



Another way to ward off ejaculating too soon is masturbation. Experts advise that getting busy with yourself before you get busy with your partner can go far in reducing premature ejaculation. Masturbating one to two hours before you plan to have intercourse can alleviate anxiety and release seminal pressure that may be building.


Other experts call for “mastering masturbation.” In addition to masturbating to relieve tension, also do it as a form of training. Take your time and try to work up to 15 minutes before ejaculating.

To this end, penis pumps can also be an effective tool in gaining that control. With the pump, you can experiment with applying the suction sensation, and play with different pumping styles and techniques. Bring yourself to the brink of ejaculation and then hold back. A penis pump provides a way to “practice” on your own with something different from your usual stimulants. 


Rest assured.

If you’re looking for answers to how to last longer in bed, relax knowing there are natural solutions out there. You can take active steps to slow down and stay strong. 


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