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How To Talk About ED

howtotalkaboutEDIf you’re experiencing ED, you know it is not easy to talk about it. You may have feelings of inadequacy and shame, or fear and anxiety of not understanding why it’s happening, and how you can make it go away. Partners may take your ED personally, believing you don’t love them or find them attractive. For both of you, ED can lead to diminished self-esteem, resentment, and a lack of the intimacy that is essential to loving, caring relationships.

But there are solutions to ED, and the first step is to start the conversation.

Overcome the embarrassment.

When talking about ED, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone -- 4 out of 10 men over the age of 40 experience ED. It is a such a common issue that there are commercials and ads about it all the time – even during Monday Night Football. And, it’s typically the result of conditions that are not your fault, and over which you have no control. There’s no shame in that.

Be honest and supportive.

Honest communication with your partner about your sexual relationship is key to facing the problem head on. If your partner has difficulty sharing feelings about ED it may only compound the problem. Try to listen to each other and provide an open, caring environment without judgment. If the subject is talked about in the right way it can help foster a more loving and open relationship in the end.

Give yourself space.

Many couples find that taking a step back from engaging in intercourse when starting to confront the issue of ED can help. This space can help alleviate frustration in the bedroom instead of intensifying the issue. 

Get educated.

Talk to a health care professional and get the facts about ED and how it’s affecting your lifestyle. Explore your treatment options, including counseling, medications, or vacuum therapy. Keep in mind you may have to explore a few treatment options before finding the one that works for you.  

Stay positive.

No one is to blame for ED and treatment is available. The best way to conquer it is to start. You are not alone and you will find a solution.




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