If you are experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction (also known as impotence), you should first know that the condition is common, normal, and treatable – there are solutions!

Erectile dysfunction is something that impacts many men, and you may even know someone who is dealing with it now. In fact, it’s been found that 50% of men ages 40 to 70 experience some degree of ED at some point in their lives.




The good news is that this isn’t something you need to simply accept. Rather, you can take steps to reclaim the life you love. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about ED so you can continue happy, healthy sexual relationships.

What ED is

The first thing to know about erectile dysfunction is what exactly it is. 

Erectile dysfunction happens when a man has trouble getting or maintaining an erection adequate for sexual intercourse. This can be because there is not enough blood flow going into the penis, weakening vein walls cannot keep blood in the penis, or signals from the brain triggering arousal have trouble reaching the penis.

In some cases, men find that they can’t get an erection at all, while in others they can achieve an erection, but it is too soft or doesn’t last long enough for sexual intercourse to occur.

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What ED is not

It’s important to recognize that having an off night or an occasional instance of not being able to perform does not necessarily mean you have ED. For it to be considered ED, it must be something that’s happening at least 75% of the time you attempt to have sex.

Also, ED entirely involves the penis. It is not to be confused with low testosterone, low libido or reduced interest in sex.

Impact of ED

Erectile Dysfunction can affect people in many different ways. In some men, ED can cause a loss of confidence or feelings of inadequacy. Many feel embarrassed or worry that something is wrong with them. Others might worry that their partners will become unsatisfied and leave. All of this can increase the amount of daily stress a man experiences, which, in turn, can make the symptoms more severe, creating a vicious cycle.

Partners of men with ED often worry that they are the cause, fearing that they are not sexually attractive anymore, that something is wrong with the relationship, or that the man is having an affair.

This is not helped by the fact that many men will avoid sexual situations and stop communicating with their partner in order to avoid the emotional pain of dealing with ED. Whether intentional or unintentional, these actions can make partners feel inadequate within the relationship, often resulting in feelings of rejection, loneliness, and depression.

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Common Causes

ED can be triggered by a variety of conditions.

Many men view ED as a physical problem, but it can have as much to do with mental health as it does physical health. Experts report that between 10% to 20% of all cases of ED are caused by psychological reasons, which can include:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Guilt over feelings of poor performance

  • Stress

  • Low self-esteem

  • Relationship issues


Physical causes can include:

  • Diabetes

  • Kidney disease

  • Nerve and brain disorders

  • High blood pressure

ED can be the result of prostate cancer treatment, including surgery, which can affect the nerves and tissues involved in creating an erection. Also, if you are on prescription medication for other health issues, a side effect could be ED. Commonly prescribed SSRI anti-depressants have often been found to result in ED. Drugs used to treat anxiety, high blood pressure, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease as well as antihistamines, muscle relaxants and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have also been connected to ED.

There are also a number of lifestyle issue that can play a part. Being overweight, not exercising regularly, or having a poor diet can affect your sexual health. Tobacco use is also a significant culprit. Studies have linked smoking to hormonal changes in men, which could contribute to ED. In addition to that, the negative impact on blood circulation has also been shown to be an ED contributor.

It is good to recognize that advancing age is not a cause of ED; however, the older we get, the more common ED is. This may be because as we age, our risk of having other health issues that can contribute to ED, such as heart disease, obesity, or high cholesterol, increases.


Treatment Options

There are several treatment options for ED.


Oral Medications

If you’re in good health, your doctor may prescribe pills, such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, and Stendra, that can increase blood flow to the penis. These treatments work with the body’s own systems, enhancing the effects of hormones released by the body to relax the muscles around the penis, increasing blood flow and creating an erection.

However, oftentimes, these medications cannot be prescribed due to other health issues. If you take nitrate drugs or have very low blood pressure, high blood pressure, liver disease, or kidney disease, oral medications may not be safe. Oral drugs can also have side effects such as nasal congestion or headaches. Depending on which drug is used, it typically takes one to two hours to take effect, so planning is required. In addition, all ED medications require sexual stimulation to be effective.

Moreover, it’s important to note that they simply don’t always work. In fact, oral medications are not effective for about 30% of men.

Lifestyle Changes

Changes in your daily habits can also reverse or minimize ED. Experts advise to:

  • Exercise regularly

  • Maintain a healthy blood pressure

  • Eat a balanced, nutrition diet

  • Maintain a healthy weight

  • Reduce stress

  • Limit drinking

  • Stop smoking


Natural Remedies

There are also natural solutions to ED that can improve erectile function, increase blood flow, and improve circulation. Supplements include Panax Ginseng, L-Arginine, Vitamin D, Korean red ginseng, or DHEA. Each has elements that play a role in increasing desire, strengthening erections, or opening and relaxing blood vessels.

Certain foods are also known for improving blood flow and boosting sexual health. These include:

  • Oysters

  • Pomegranates

  • Chili peppers

  • Chocolate

  • Avocados

  • Bananas

  • Olives

Other natural remedies include doing penis exercises such as Kegel exercises for men. These moves strengthen the pelvic floor, which can give you more control and strength in achieving and maintaining erections. To do a Kegel, locate and constrict the pubococcygeus or PB muscle. This is the muscle used to stop the flow of urine midstream. Hold the squeeze for five seconds and then release it for five seconds, working up to 10 to 30 repetitions, two times a day.


Vacuum Therapy and Accessories

This natural treatment option for ED involves placing an acrylic penile tube over the penis. The tube is connected to a manual or battery-operated pump that is used to create a vacuum suction in the tube that draws blood into the penis. Once the penis is erect, a support ring is placed around the base of the penis holding the erection in place.




Vacuum therapy is becoming an increasingly popular option for many reasons. For starters, it is fast and easy, allowing for more spontaneity in the bedroom. It is also drug-free, so there is no prescription required and no worry about interactions with medications you may be taking.

In addition, penis pumps:

  • Pose less risk that other ED treatments do

  • Can be used at lower overall costs

  • Can be used in conjunction with other ED solutions

  • Are non-invasive

  • Can counter sexual side effects of other health conditions. For example, they can help increase the length and girth of the penis in cases of Peyronie’s Disease, a condition that can cause bent erections. And, they can be used as a form of rehabilitation to rebuild penile tissues and restore performance after prostate cancer treatment.

Further, the technology of the support ring, also known as a penis ring, can be used on its own without the penis pump. Penis rings come in a variety of sizes and materials. Some have an additional ring that encircles the testicles as well, which can prolong ejaculation and create new sensations in your arousal and climax. Other penis rings feature vibrating components designed to stimulate your partner during intercourse as well. 

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Positioning for Success

Another natural strategy to help treat ED is to maximize your sexual position. Keep in mind the goal is to improve blood flow to the penis, and that can mean minimizing the amount of blood that’s sent to other areas of the body. For example, the missionary position may not be effective as it requires more energy for shoulder strength and holding yourself up. Alternatively, having sex with your partner on top can allow you to rest the body and preserve more blood supply for your penis. Learn more here about the best positions for having sex with ED


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Next Steps

If you think you have ED, the first thing to do is to see your doctor, who can help you determine the best way to treat erectile dysfunction.

Often, by treating the underlying cause, the erectile dysfunction will go away on its own. 

When making the appointment with your doctor, be sure to ask if there is anything you need to do ahead of time to prepare. They may want to run some blood tests, for example, which may require fasting.

Then, prepare a list of any medications you are currently taking. Your doctor can recommend a treatment that is safe to take with your existing medications. They may also recommend a lower dosage or alternate medication if it is determined that the erectile dysfunction is being caused as a side effect of the medication.

You should also note any personal information that may be relevant, such as if you are suddenly undergoing more stress at work or having feelings of anxiety.

Finally, it can be helpful to prepare a list of questions for your doctor ahead of time. These questions may include:

  • Will the erectile dysfunction be long-term or temporary?

  • What are the alternatives to the primary approach being suggested?

  • What are the possible side effects of the treatments being suggested?

  • Will insurance cover all or part of the cost of the treatments?

  • What lifestyle changes could I make to help the treatment process?

Throughout your inquiries, diagnosis, and treatment, one of the most important things to remember is to communicate with your partner. Despite the fact that most men experience erectile dysfunction, it can still cause feelings of stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, and guilt. These feelings can lead to men drawing away from their partners and avoiding sexual situations, causing a breakdown in the relationship.

Remember to be open and honest with your partner about what you are experiencing. It may be a good idea to bring your partner with you when you talk to your doctor so they can be part of the discussion. Ask them about their opinion on possible treatments and maintain communication throughout the treatment process.

Regain the Life You Love

As you learn more about ED and your personal situation, keep in mind that the condition is common and treatable. There are things you can do to regain the life you love and continue a happy and rewarding sex life. You can take steps to treat ED, which can improve not only your sexual health but your health overall.

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