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You Can Have Better Sex Just by Putting a Ring on It

Posted by Michele Stewart

Jan 24, 2019 8:00:00 AM

you-can-have-better-sex-just-by-putting-a-ring-on-itBy “ring,” we mean penis ring! This integral component of any vacuum therapy device can help men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction sustain an erection or just achieve firmer and longer lasting ones.

Find out how you can have better sex just by incorporating a penis ring into your routine.

How a penis ring works.

After the penis pump and penile tube are used to draw blood into the penis to create an erection, this elastic and flexible ring is wrapped around the base of the penis to hold the erection in place.

A penis ring can be used in conjunction with a penis pump as described. It also can be used on its own. Penis rings come in a variety of sizes, tensions, materials, and features. They can even vibrate or include attachments that can stimulate your partner at the same time. Some are designed to only go over the penis, and others have two connected rings to go over both the penis and the testicles. Another variation: Penis rings used with penis pumps go on after the erection is achieved, while others can be placed while the penis is flaccid.

Benefits of a penis ring.

No matter which one you choose, with a penis ring, you can have better sex no matter your age just by holding blood in the penis to produce a firmer, longer lasting erection. In addition, many men report:

  • Increased girth and length
  • Enhanced sensation
  • Delayed orgasms

Women say the use of a penis ring can create more adventure and experimentation in the bedroom. For you, it can be arousing even if you do not have ED because it creates a different sensation in the erection. Your partner may also enjoy the increased firmness of the erection and being a part of this new and sexual experience. 

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Things to consider. 

A penis ring is safe to use, but there are things to keep in mind. It’s important to look for one that is flexible and stretchable, so it doesn’t get stuck on the penis. Men should also make sure the ring has smooth fasteners and edges so it doesn’t pinch or grab the skin. It’s also important not to keep a penis ring on for longer than 20 or 30 minutes, and to wash it before and after each use.

In addition, you should make sure it’s a well-made ring made of quality materials. You’re going to be very intimate with this device — you don’t want something inferior that be abrasive or damaging. Choose a reputable vendor and check consumer reviews. 

Introduce the ring with confidence.

With its power — and many features — a penis ring can improve your sex life. Still, introducing one into your routine should be done openly and with confidence. Before doing so, it’s important to get plenty of practice in how to use a penis ring so that you know “what you’re doing.” Also, you should be sure to communicate with your partner effectively about what it is, and what pleasure it can bring to both of you. 

If you’re looking for how to treat ED, or ways you can have better sex just by tweaking your routine, a penis ring may be an option to explore. A penis ring can be purchased online and at adult retail establishments. Wherever you purchase, make sure to choose a quality product from a vendor you trust. Look for a ring that is made with solid materials and check user reviews – you don’t want to take chances with equipment that’s so close to your equipment.

To learn more about penis rings, shop our store. Rejoyn Medical Systems is a preferred seller of Pos T Vac Erectile Dysfunction pump systems and accessories, including rings. Learn more here and check out our ring comparison chart And to learn more about how to have better sex no matter your age, download our free ebook.How to Have Better Sex No Matter Your Age

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Michele Stewart


In more than a decade as president of Rejoyn, Michele has developed an in-depth understanding of ED and how it can affect the lives of men and their partners. Under her leadership, the company has prioritized providing high-quality educational content, knowledgeable customer service, and cost-effective solutions for ED treatment. Michele is proud of her company’s work across three generations to help people with ED lead fuller lives by providing leading-edge natural treatment options.


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