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The 5 Best Lifestyle Changes for Erectile Dysfunction

Posted by Michele Stewart

Feb 26, 2020 8:00:00 AM

the-5-best-lifestyle-changes-for-erectile-dysfunctionErectile dysfunction is a common issue affecting millions of men. But, it’s not something that will halt your sex life forever. And it’s not something that can only be treated with risky medications and procedures. Here we look at the some of the best lifestyle changes for erectile dysfunction you can make that can have a huge impact on sexual performance without drugs or surgeries.

Eat right.

A poor diet can result in a multitude of health issues that are also risk factors for ED, such as clogged arteries, diabetes, and heart disease. Eating a nutritious diet can increase energy levels and improve blood flow throughout the body, including to the penis. Aim to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, reduce cholesterol, and avoid fats and sugars. A good rule of thumb: If it’s heart healthy, it’s penis healthy. 

Get moving.

One of the best lifestyle changes you can do is to achieve a healthy weight. In fact, it’s been found that a man with a 42‑inch waist is 50% more likely to experience ED than a man with a 32‑inch waist. Eating right can help, as well as regular exercise. Experts say working out at least 30 minutes five times per week can improve health, including sexual health. It increases circulation, builds strength, and boosts your mood, which can all go far in improving penile performance. As you aim to get moving, also consider exercising your penis. Regular penis exercises, especially Kegels, can increase pelvic floor strength and give you more control of your erection.

Quit smoking.

Cigarette smoking is a known risk factor for ED. Sources indicate the chemicals in cigarettes injure the lining of blood vessels in the penis. Even if the nerves in your penis can respond to signals from the brain that signal an erection, the penis may not be able to respond if the arteries in the penis are not able to expand and fill with blood. If you smoke, take all means to quit now.

Manage stress.

Experts say stress and anxiety can disrupt your brain’s ability to send a message to the penis to receive extra blood flow. And, they can contribute to an ongoing cycle of ED—stress causes ED, and then you’re stressed because you have ED. Based on this, breaking this cycle is one of the most effective natural remedies for erectile dysfunction. This can call for counseling, relaxation techniques, meditation, or yoga. Regular exercise can help as well. The further good news is that managing stress can also help prevent health issues that can contribute to ED, including heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity.

Have more sex.

Finally, it may seem counterintuitive, but one natural way to treat ED is to have more sex. Studies have shown that men who have sex less than once a week had two times the risk of developing ED. To have more sex, try to take the pressure off by focusing more on intimacy and less on your erection. Keep your penis in the habit of regular sex and stay positive. Give yourself a break on performance scores and concentrate instead on maintaining blood flow to the penis on a consistent basis.

These five tactics are among the many lifestyle changes for erectile dysfunction you can do. They are free, they are simple, and you can start them anytime. All actions add up and all can go far in improving your sexual heath and maximizing penile performance. To learn more about natural ED solutions, including vacuum therapy, download our free ebook.Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

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Michele Stewart


In more than a decade as president of Rejoyn, Michele has developed an in-depth understanding of ED and how it can affect the lives of men and their partners. Under her leadership, the company has prioritized providing high-quality educational content, knowledgeable customer service, and cost-effective solutions for ED treatment. Michele is proud of her company’s work across three generations to help people with ED lead fuller lives by providing leading-edge natural treatment options.


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