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Is a Manual or Battery Penis Pump Better?

Posted by Michele Stewart

Jul 2, 2019 8:00:00 AM

is-a-manual-or-battery-penis-pump-betterVacuum therapy, using what’s often referred to as an erectile dysfunction pump, is an effective, drug-free way to create and sustain erections for suitable—and satisfying—sexual intercourse.The therapy involves the use of a cylinder placed over the penis and secured in a tight seal at the base of the shaft. A pump, at the other end of the cylinder, is then used to generate negative pressure in the cylinder, creating a “vacuum” that draws blood into the penis to form an erection. The erection can then be sustained for as long as a half-hour by attaching an elastic band around the base of the shaft.

The integral erectile dysfunction pumps used to create the pressure can be either manually operated or battery operated. Both types are effective, and either may be preferred, depending on the user.

Whether powered by hand or by battery, penis pumps are an effective, FDA-approved way to safely treat ED. Studies suggest up to 80% of men are satisfied with their results, and vacuum therapy, using either manual or electric pumps, is proven effective in over 90% of clinical trials.

Manually operated. 

These pumps require the user to create the negative pressure in the cylinder with a manual pump. This often requires the use of two hands—one to hold the cylinder steady on the penis against the pubic bone, and the other to operate the pump. Many men like the manual operation because it gives them more control to “double pump,” a technique that alternates the generation of negative pressure, letting it build and then letting the pressure off, until the erection is achieved.

Battery operated. 

These “powered” devices are often preferred because they can be used with one hand. The on/off mechanism is on the top of the cylinder, allowing for the user to activate the pump and hold the cylinder in place at the same time. The powered featured of these erectile dysfunction pumps are often favored by men with poor manual strength or dexterity or those with Parkinson’s disease or arthritis.

Which one is best for you?

Both the manually operated or battery penis pump allow for the slow generation of negative pressure, which means blood is drawn to the penis safely and comfortably. Both have safety mechanisms in place to ensure you do not “overpump” and cause penile harm.

To determine whether a manual or battery penis pump is best for you, these questions can be considered:

  • Do you have good hand strength and coordination? Many manual penis pumps require the user to operate a push/pull-style handle. While quality pumps are designed to be as easy to use as possible, they can be challenging for men who do not have good manual strength and coordination.
  • Do you have health issues? Again, conditions such as arthritis or Parkinson’s Disease can affect nerves and manual dexterity. This too can make it difficult to operate a manual pump.
  • What is your budget? Vacuum assisted therapy devices vary in price. Although money should never be a determining factor in choosing erectile dysfunction pumps, a manually operated pump tends to be less expensive than a battery penis pump.
  • Is privacy an issue? Like all electric devices, battery-operated erectile dysfunction pumps generate a certain amount of sound. Although in quality pumps, this sound or noise will be subtle, it is still something you can hear. This may make a difference if you share a home or room with others.
  • Is timing an issue? You should consider how quickly you want to be able to achieve an erection. Because they are powered, battery-operated pumps can decrease the time needed to create the vacuum suction and draw blood into the penis. Manual pumps may take longer, but have been known to create harder, longer results.
  • Which one do you prefer? Finally, choosing which type of pump you want boils down to your comfort level and which one you will feel more confident using. It’s a personal question for each man to consider. But the good news is that there is no wrong answer.

With practice, vacuum therapy, by hand or with a little power, can help you reclaim life and restore confidence and passion in your relationships. To learn more about vacuum therapy systems, browse our blogs. And to see exactly how a penis pumps works to create satisfying, long-lasting erections, download our Step-By-Step Vacuum Therapy instructions.Step-by-Step How to Use a Penis Pump PDF Format

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