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How to Use a Pos T Vac to Improve Erections after Prostate Cancer

Posted by Michele Stewart

Jul 31, 2019 8:00:00 AM

how-to-use-a-pos-t-vac-to-improve-erections-after-prostate-cancerAfter prostate cancer treatment, a common side effect is erectile dysfunction, which can last a few months or a few years. But, as soon as you’re ready, improving circulation and strengthening the penile tissues can be key to both rehabilitation and recovery. Here, we look at how the Pos T Vac penis pump system can help you regain your sex life and return to the life you love.

Understanding erectile dysfunction.

Before exploring the use of the Pos T Vac system, it helps to first understand the mechanics of an erection. When an erection forms organically in your body, it is responding to a stimulus that triggers a reaction in your brain causing the arteries in your penis to expand. When these arteries expand, blood is drawn into the penile area and fills up the spongy tissue that makes up the penis. When the spongy tissue is filled with blood, an erection is created. Your body then firmly sustains this erection by closing the back-flow valves in the veins of the penis. Once these back-flow valves are shut, the blood that has been drawn into the penis is held there, maintaining the erection.

Problems with erections can happen if the cardiovascular system is not able to pump enough blood into the penis, the veins are not able to trap the blood in the penis, or the neurological reaction in the brain does not react to stimulus as it should.  

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by side effects of certain prescription medications; psychological issues such as stress, anxiety, or depression; neurological issues such as damage to the spine or nervous system, or by damage or injury to the penile tissues, which can happen during prostate cancer treatment.

How a Pos T Vac System Can Help.

A Pos T Vac system is an external vacuum device, often called a vacuum therapy system or vacuum erection device. By either name, it is simply a medical grade penis pump, which works by mimicking your body's natural physical process of creating an erection. A penis pump is a natural, non-medication way to take back your sex life.

The system is designed based on the simple principals of physics, thus it can help your body create and hold an erection regardless of the cause of ED. With the penis pump, a vacuum creates negative pressure, which helps draw blood into the area. Once the blood has been drawn into the penis, a support ring is placed around the base of the penis that holds the blood in place, maintaining the erection.

The brief illustrated video below shows how the following components work together in a Pos T Vac system:

  • The penile tube is slid over the penis with one end attached to the pump head and the other end pressed securely against the body
  • The pump head pulls air out of the penile tube, creating suction that draws blood into the penis
  • A support ring is placed around the base of the penis to help maintain a firm erection during intercourse
  • The loading cone helps the user place the support ring onto the penile tube
  • Adapter bushing is placed inside the penile tube to provide comfort while the tube is pressed against the body
  • Lubricant helps create an air-tight seal between the penile tube and the body while the pump head is used to create the erection


The basic idea behind the Pos T Vac system is that the simplest answer to a problem is almost always the best answer. The system uses the basic laws of physics to create an erection just the way your body would do naturally. No drugs or prescription medications are necessary, and there is no delay waiting for a pill to kick in. Further, the pump can be used to start improving blood circulation and strengthening penile tissues after prostate cancer treatment, as a rehabilitation tool even before you’re ready for sex.

Erectile dysfunction is a common issue, affecting more than 30 million men in America. And after prostate cancer treatment, it can be an expected side effect. The Pos T Vac penis pump can set you on a path to recovery and make sex after prostate cancer a reality. To learn more, check out our Comprehensive Guide to Sex After Prostate Removal.Comprehensive Guide to Sex After Prostate Removal

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