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How Can I Last Longer in Bed?

Posted by Michele Stewart

Nov 8, 2018 8:00:00 AM

how-can-i-last-longer-in-bedIt’s a question men everywhere have—whether they’re teenagers or in middle age. Even if you’re not experiencing official premature ejaculation, there is still a desire to stay active through the evening and give your partner every opportunity to enjoy the experience.

Fortunately, when it comes to the question of “How can I last longer in bed?”, there are answers. Here we look at a few of the common strategies.

Gain weight.

While this may not be the best bet for your overall sexual health, it’s been found that overweight men tend to have more control in delaying ejaculation. Reports find that more belly fat on a man translates into having more estradiol, the female sex hormone, which helps inhibit orgasm.

Take it slow.

This strategy can be more challenging. As men, it may not seem natural to want to slow things down, especially when you’re excited. But adding more foreplay and taking the time to please your partner can help. You’ll hold off on penetration, and when you are ready, your partner will already be satisfied.

Another tactic reported in Healthy Women is to slow down the friction. Try to reduce it to one thrust every few seconds, then building tempo gradually. If you’re about to ejaculate, stop and hold back a bit until the urge passes. Resume activity only when you’re in control again.

Switch things up.

Another strategy is to keep your body guessing. It’s easy to get lost in the moments and to not want anything to stop. But that pleasurable rhythm is what gets results—ejaculation, whether you’re ready or not. Instead of doing your most expedient moves, Men’s Health suggests to change your positions, and frequently. Getting into a new configuration lets you “press pause on your trip to the finish line.” And mixing things up can be the answer to how can I last longer in bed, especially if you put your partner in charge of setting the rhythm and controlling the depth.

Use a condom.

For the same reason perhaps you didn’t want to use condoms before—it masks sensation—you may be want to try condoms now. Condoms create a physical barrier of latex that can decrease sensation and help you last longer. There are also condoms that contain benzocaine or other desensitizing agents that will act to numb the penis and delay ejaculation.

Strengthen your pelvic floor.

Another strategy is to condition your body. A stronger pelvic floor can not only give you more rigidity in your erections, it can also increase your stamina and your control over when you ejaculate. Specifically, Kegel exercises can be done by to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. To do this, the Mayo Clinic advises to contract your muscles as if you were stopping urination literally mid‑stream. Constrict and hold, repeating 10 repetitions three times a day.

Finally, look inward.

As you explore answers to how can you last longer in bed, make sure it’s a beneficial and realistic goal. For ejaculating too soon to really be considered premature, experts say it has to happen within one minute of penetration, and it also has to happen frequently.

Check in with your partner to determine if the timing of your ejaculation is actually an issue. It’s likely that your partner is completely satisfied and is ready to wrap up matters when you are. Communication in lovemaking is crucial, and it can prevent a lot of anxiety or stress that may be there for no reason.

Despite this, figuring out how to last longer in bed is not an uncommon goal. And it’s something men everywhere have in common as we strive to be “good in bed” and maintain our sexual virility. For more information about combatting premature ejaculation and the reasons why it happens, browse our blogs. And for more tips, download our free ebook, How to Achieve and Keep the Best Erections of Your Life.how-to-keep-an-erection-longer-naturally

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