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How Big Are Tension Rings for ED?

Posted by Michele Stewart

Mar 24, 2020 8:00:00 AM

how-big-are-tension-rings-for-edAn important part of vacuum therapy devices are the support rings or tension rings. As men explore the penis pump option for treating ED or just adding strength and longevity to their erections, it’s common for them to have questions about these small but instrumental tools. What do tension rings do? How do they work? And, considering where they go and how tight they might get, exactly how big are tension rings for ED? Here, we answer these questions and help you determine which type and size are right for you.

What are tension rings for ED?

Tension rings, also known as penis rings or cock rings, are circular rings made of acrylic or elastic material that are placed around the base of the penis when it is erect to hold the erection in place. As the penis hardens, the ring naturally gets tighter. This tension presses against the veins in the penis acting as a support system for constricting blood in the penis and maintaining an erection.

Tension rings or penis rings are part of the two‑part solution of vacuum therapy, one of the increasingly popular natural remedies for erectile dysfunction. With a penis pump, an acrylic penile tube is placed over the penis. It is attached to a vacuum pump, which creates a vacuum suction over the penis, gently creating an erection. Then the penis ring is slid from the tube and secured around the base of the penis, holding the erection in place.

There are also penis rings, such as those sold here, that can be used on their own without the pump. These rings are effective not only for the treatment of ED, but also for premature ejaculation and incontinence.

What size do you need?

All penis pumps sold through Rejoyn Medical come with an assortment of tension rings in different sizes. The reason for this is that not one size fits all. And, egos aside, the size of the ring is not an indicator of the size of your penis. Still, the smaller rings can look small, which can make the idea of placing it around your penis daunting. A best practice is to start with the largest ring and work your way down based on how much support is needed to create an erection. Tension rings for ED typically range from 5.5 mm up to 22 mm.

Exploring new rings

The rings that come with Rejoyn’s Pos T Vac Systems are the Ultimate II Round Rings in sizes 1 to 3. They feature even and lasting tension, along with looped handles that make them easy to slide on and off. Once you experiment with finding which of these rings is best for you, you can shop Rejoyn’s further selection of support rings, including Mach 1, Ultimate Gel, and OZ Bands. At this time, it’s important to recognize that terminology for sizes vary across models—a 6 mm ring in one style may be a #5, while a 5.5 mm ring in another style may be a #0. Consulting this Support Ring Size Comparison Chart can help you visualize the different options and select rings in the appropriate size.

Tension rings for ED may be big or small, and they come in a large assortment. But at any size, they answer the question of: Once you have an erection, how do you keep it? They provide a natural way to maintain blood in the penis and create long, firm erections suitable for foreplay and intercourse. In addition, they can create new sensations in your arousal, erection and orgasm that can put an extra kick in your lovemaking routine. Moreover, they can give you confidence that your erection can go the distance, which can go far in improving intimacy and boosting your sexual relationship.

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Michele Stewart


In more than a decade as president of Rejoyn, Michele has developed an in-depth understanding of ED and how it can affect the lives of men and their partners. Under her leadership, the company has prioritized providing high-quality educational content, knowledgeable customer service, and cost-effective solutions for ED treatment. Michele is proud of her company’s work across three generations to help people with ED lead fuller lives by providing leading-edge natural treatment options.


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