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How an Erectile Dysfunction Pump Brings New Hope to Your Sex Life

Posted by Michele Stewart

Nov 20, 2018 8:00:00 AM

how-an-erectile-dysfunction-pump-brings-new-hope-to-your-sex-lifeWhen it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, the go-to solution most men know about is oral medication. But meds don’t always work, and they can leave men feeling frustrated. The good news is that there’s another ED treatment that may be preferred because it is natural, easy to obtain, and easy to use, without the need to see a doctor or fill a prescription. The erectile dysfunction pump, also known as a vacuum therapy device or penis pump, is becoming increasingly popular for these reasons and more.

Medication isn’t always the answer.

One of the reasons men are trying an erectile dysfunction pump is because medications are not always effective, and they are not advised for everyone.

Sources say drugs like Viagra work similarly to nitrates. Based on this, the medications should not be taken by men who take nitrates for heart disease or who have other heart conditions.

Another roadblock occurs if men’s arteries are too narrow. When you have an erection, blood flows quickly through your arteries to your penis, increasing its length, width, and firmness. Blood then flows out through your veins. If arteries are too narrow, medications may not be strong enough to improve the blood flow.

Mistakes in medicating.

Another issue reported by one source is that men make mistakes when medicating. In one study, 69% of men who reported ongoing ED problems even after taking drugs like Viagra or Cialis were making errors in how they used the medications.

Mistakes included:

  • Overlooking their mood. It’s important to remember that ED medications do not work unless your body becomes aroused.
  • Not taking enough. Many men take the lowest dose of medications, which may not be enough to address ED.
  • Eating first. It can be tempting to have a big dinner and then seek out “dessert,” but ED medications work best when taken at least two or three hours after a full meal.
  • Rushing things. Another mistake is not waiting long enough for the pill to take effect. Depending on the brand, it can take one to three hours for ED meds to kick in.
  • Sticking with it. ED pills may not work on the first try. Experts recommend trying each dose at least twice.

penile pump can work when medications won't. 

A mistake-proof, non-medical solution.

With the risk factors and guesswork associated with ED medications, a vacuum pump for ED presents an appealing alternative.

Vacuum therapy, or a penis pump, uses the principles of physics to create an erection normally. An acrylic tube is placed over the penis. One end of the tube is attached to a vacuum pump that gently pulls blood into the penis, creating an erection. Once the erection is achieved, the user slides a soft elastic support ring off the acrylic tube and places it around the base of the penis. This holds the erection in place, making it possible – and satisfying – for intercourse. See how it works here.

Penis rings used with the ED pump are available in several materials, sizes, and tension. Experts recommend using trial and error to determine which band size is most comfortable for you. Penis rings can also be used on their own without the ED pump. Because the ring constricts the blood in the penis and prevents backflow into the body, using a penis ring can help improve staying power and help you last longer in bed.

What’s beneficial about an erectile dysfunction pump is that it is non-invasive and non-surgical. It does not require doctor’s appointments or prescriptions. There are no medical risk factors, wait times, or dosages to manage. Other benefits are that they are FDA-certified, pain-free, and proven effective in 90% of clinical trials.

An ED treatment alternative.

Vacuum therapy involves a one-time cost, and accessories are available for ongoing experimentation. Sources indicate they are safe to use, and – unlike medications – they can be used by men who have poor blood flow to the penis or diabetes. 

A vacuum pump for ED is a solution worth exploring, and it can be the solution that works when other treatment options do not work or are simply not advised. They can also be part of the rehabilitation process for men who have undergone prostate cancer surgery. Here is how a penis pump can be used as therapy after a radical prostatectomy.

In addition, according to Mayo Clinic, penis pumps:

  • Pose less of a risk than other treatments do. Compared to other ED treatments, penis pumps come with less risk of side effects and complications.
  • Cost less overall. Expenses go toward the initial purchase and lubricants. There are no ongoing costs for doctor’s reevaluations or prescription refills.
  • Can be used with other ED treatments. Because they are not medical or surgical, ED pumps can be used in combination with medications or with penile implants.
  • Are non-invasive. An appealing factor for many men is that using a penis pump doesn’t involve surgery, injecting anything into the penis, or ingesting a medication.
  • Can be part of an effective penile recovery program. After prostate cancer treatment or surgery, penis pumps can be used to help strengthen penile tissue and promote circulation for improved sexual healing.
  • Simply work. With practice and correct use, most men can obtain an erection using an ED pump.

Choosing a quality pump.

Once you set out to use a penis pump, it’s imperative to choose a quality pump. Many pumps are marketed as “adult toys” or size enhancements. Sources indicate that many pumps sold in adult stores or in magazines may not be effective and may not be safe.

When choosing a pump, look for a quality manufacturer and distributor. Take the time to check out websites, testimonials, and product specifications.

The best penis pump you can find has customer reviews and money-back guarantees. They are made from quality parts, and they are FDA-approved. These pumps also feature internal and external shut-off valves that prevent too much vacuum pressure from building up, thus reducing the risk of penile injury.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Once you have your quality penis pump in hand, it’s essential to practice. Use it on your own a few times before introducing it to your partner. Practice placing the pump and applying the vacuum pressure. Experiment with different penis rings and pumping styles, and practice applying the penis ring with ease.

You can also familiarize yourself with the different sensations in your arousal and orgasm. The penis ring can increase the length and duration of your erection as well as make orgasms more intense.

By practicing, you’ll be able to use the pump with style and confidence, which will make it easier to use with your partner. When you are ready to introduce it, make sure to set the stage first. It is not something to spring on them out of nowhere. Let them know what to expect and be excited about the outcome. Do penis pumps work as a treatment for erectile dysfunction? Absolutely. But keep in mind that penis pumps are also used as toys to spice up your sex life! They can be fun – not just clinical!

Take good care.

Finally, remember that the penis pump is a medical-grade piece of equipment – and it is an investment in your sexual health, confidence, and relationship. As such, it should be given proper lubrication, cleaning, and storage.

It’s important to use a water-based lubricant to preserve the integrity of your pump. Oil-based lubrication can react with the penis pump components and cause them to deteriorate.

Since the lubrication gel is used with the loading cone, penile tube, adapter bushing, and penis ring, each should be cleaned thoroughly using mild soap and warm water. The pump head can be wiped down with a damp cloth, but not submerged in water. Everything should be cleaned by hand and never placed in a dishwasher.

Between uses the pump should be stored correctly in a clean and dry place that is free of dust, lint, or dirt. If you have a battery-operated pump, you should take the batteries out of the device if you’re not going to be using it for an extended period. This can prevent any leaking or melting of the batteries’ corrosive chemicals.

If you’re looking for longer-lasting, firmer erections and oral medications have not worked, the erectile dysfunction pump provides hope. As you move toward restoring your performance and sex life, know that facts about ED. Browse our blogs and download this free ebook for more answers.

Also, if you're looking for a comprehensive resource on erectile dysfunction, check out our online guide, Everything You Need to Know About Erectile Dysfunction.how-to-keep-an-erection-longer-naturally

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