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4 Qualities the Best Penis Pumps Have

Posted by Michele Stewart

Sep 11, 2018 8:00:00 AM

3-things-to-look-for-in-vacuum-pumpAny fast Internet search will produce multiple hits for penis pumps, penis enlargers, and vacuum therapy devices. With all the information out there, it can be challenging to find the right vacuum pump for you. Zeroing in on these four components that the best penis pumps feature can help.

Reputable vendor.

First, it’s important to know that penis pumps are produced by a multitude of companies, under as many brand names, and they are available through a variety of online and physical stores. But the best penis pumps come from quality, reputable vendors. These are characterized by easy-to-access customer testimonials and customer services. Look for a money-back guarantee, as well as mature processes for discrete shipping, no-questions-asked return policies, and customer service representatives who are available and accessible.

Look for a vendor that has been in business a long time and has plenty of educational resources and support to help you in both obtaining and using the penile pump.


Another attribute of the best penis pumps is that they have options in whether they are manual or electric or battery operated. There are also hydro-pump varieties, designed to be used in the shower or bath only. All have their benefits. Quality vendors will have resources to help you determine which one is best for you. Experts advise to consider these factors when making your decision:

  • While cost should not be a determining factor, a manual penile pump may be less expensive than an electric penis pump.
  • Health conditions like arthritis or limited hand mobility might make a manual pump difficult to operate.
  • An electric pump generates more noise than a manual pump.

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Another factor to consider is that the best penis pumps, like those sold through Rejoyn Medical, are medical-grade devices that are safe and approved by the FDA. They are made with quality components and are designed to be effective and natural. (Learn more here about how to use a penis pump.) On the other hand, there are penis pumps that are sold as “toys” for adult entertainment. While vacuum pumps can be used to enhance intimacy with your partner, make sure you are buying the type of tool for your purposes.

Again, when choosing a penis pump, look for product features, customer reviews, money-back guarantees, and comprehensive customer service. This is not an area where you want to look for bargains.


Another aspect that makes the best penis pumps the best is their eye toward safety. Experts advise to look for a pump that has a transparent tube, so you can see if your penis becomes irritated or discolored in the pumping process. The pump should also have internal and external safety release valves, which activate if the vacuum creates too much pressure.

To learn more about the best penis pumps, including how to use a penis pump and what does a penis pump do, browse our blogs. And when you’re ready, check out our store to see a full selection of quality penis pumps and accessories. 

As you browse, keep in mind that penis pumps are a viable and safe solution that can work even if other approaches haven’t. Learn more in our free ebook!

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Michele Stewart


In more than a decade as president of Rejoyn, Michele has developed an in-depth understanding of ED and how it can affect the lives of men and their partners. Under her leadership, the company has prioritized providing high-quality educational content, knowledgeable customer service, and cost-effective solutions for ED treatment. Michele is proud of her company’s work across three generations to help people with ED lead fuller lives by providing leading-edge natural treatment options.


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